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Simplelogin - Best Way to Manage Your Emails

Posted on May 28, 2022

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SimpleLogin is a email aliasing service. Which basically means you can create as many emails as you want* and all those emails would land on single inbox. I’ve been using SimpleLogin for over a year now. Here’s my evaluation of the service. 

My Use Case

As someone who cares about privacy, and had personal emails leaked in data breach previously, I treat emails just like my passwords. I don’t want fifty different companies to know my email address just so they can send me marketing emails. Also if you use same email everywhere its pretty easy to stalk you online. Anyone who has your email address would be able to know if you use (or have account) certain website. I don’t want others to know which website I visit or which website I have an account. 

Another use case for me is the ability to add my own custom domain in their premium plan. It is better than any other method of hosting email on your own domain. You get unlimited email address, unlimited domains, ability to turn on catch all,  you can even use regex while creating emails using catch all. All the emails I recieve from different website through different email address lands on my protonmail. I can manage my emails from a single place. 

Features That I like

SimpleLogin is a powerful tool. And probably one of the most feature rich way of managing emails. Here’s list of all the features that I like in SimpleLogin. 


This is some of the features of simplelogin that I use everyday. It has made my life a lot easier, I can reach inbox zero easily. Also now I do not worry about spam when giving out my email to some shady websites. I love SimpleLogin and going to continue using it. If you have never used simplelogin, I urge you to try it out first. Their free plan is very generous.


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