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Dream Entry #1

Posted on April 11, 2023

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I dreamt again.

This time I was running away from people of an universe of exact same people of this universe. Actually it was parallel universe, everything is exact copy.

A bean like thing has corrupted mind of almost all the people of that parallel universe and made everyone evil.I wasn’t effected by those beans for some reason. But I had no idea that I was not effected. At first there were no beans, then suddenly beans were everywhere, like it was raining beans. I remember collecting them. These beans were round bright yellow in color. There’s a whole story about how these beans took over that parallel universe, but I don’t remember much.

After they became evil, the only way to reproduce was by rape. They tried to kill me, I thought they would rape me but they were trying to take my eyes out with finger. It didn’t hurt much also, there is slight hesitation in the guy who was trying to take my eyes out.

Suddenly while I was being tortured by the leader, A guy came and told the leader that 6 people were still not effected by the beans. The leader panicked and using that oppertunity I became free. This is the time I became aware that I was one of those 6 guys who were not effected.

I ran like crazy and met with two other uneffected guys and joined them. They had guns. I didn’t. Those two guys removed the safety of the gun and pointed it towards the now-effected people, which resulted in them not moving forward to us.

Then somehow I left that parallel universe and came to my own original universe, where beans don’t rule.

I was alone, running away from the people of that parallel universe who were trying to hunt me down. I would escape but won’t be able to go very far. It was constant running.

While running I was almost hurt by a wooden needle like structure protruding from a wall. Someone I don’t know stopped me and saved me from hitting it. I didn’t even say thanks as far as I remember.

I also went to my mom, told her about it, ate with her and then ran away through her garden.

One guy was chasing me. I was running away from him. There were long big trees, a lot like Eucalyptus trees. Those trees were organised in a pattern, pointing to the fact that it was planted by people. Among those trees was a big mansion. There were walls srrounding the mansion. And there were doors, big doors that can allow a car to enter. Number of doors were more than one. It was locked in a way that you can open it from both sides. Trying to escape the guy, I opened one door and entered, then locked the door again. He saw me entering. He came in from different door. At this point I was afraid and feeling lost, as I cannot figure out how to escape again. He almost caught me.

He saw the nameplate on the wall. It’s his dad’s house. Biological dad. His dad left him, when he was young. They had no contact. His dad has a new son. He started talking with his dad turning away from me. Catching the moment, I tried to escape.

I woke up, with sweats on my neck.


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