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Fedora Doesn't Like Me

After listening lots of good things about fedora, I wanted to give it a try. I was previously using Archcraft, but recently it started to give me few errors. Dolphin won’t start for some reason. Same problem with OBS Studio also. I can live without dolphin, but needed obs studio. I got an workaround and used ffmpeg to record screen, but it wasn’t as good as obs studio. So I decided to distro-hop like any rational person would (I hope).

Simplelogin - Best Way to Manage Your Emails

SimpleLogin is a email aliasing service. Which basically means you can create as many emails as you want* and all those emails would land on single inbox. I’ve been using SimpleLogin for over a year now. Here’s my evaluation of the service.┬áMy Use Case As someone who cares about privacy, and had personal emails leaked in data breach previously, I treat emails just like my passwords. I don’t want fifty different companies to know my email address just so they can send me marketing emails.

Using Degoogled Phone Isn't as Hard as You Might Think

What is a degoogled phone? Vanilla Android is FOSS (Free and OpenSource Software), but the android that you get preinstalled in most phones isn’t completely FOSS. It has a blackbox, which is called Google Play Services. A lot of android apps and all google apps relies on this. Sure it provides features like instant notification, but privacy is a nightmare. Degoogling a phone means removing this blackbox, by installing a different flavour of Android which doesn’t ship with Google Play Services by default.

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Pre-Fertilisation Events and Structures Several hormonal and structural changes happen which lead to the differentiation and further devlopment of floral primordium before flower in seen on a plant. Inflorecences are formed which bears the floral bud and then the flowers. Structures of a flower Androecium It is the male reproductive organ of the flower. Androecium consists of stamens. The number and length of stamens are variable in different species. Stamen has two parts.

Human Reproduction

Male Reproductive Organ Male reproductive organs consists of testes, accesssory glands, glands and external genetitalia. Male reproductive system is located in pelvic region. There’s one pair of testes which is situated outside the human body within a pouch called scrotum. Scrotum has lower temparature than the body (2-2.5 degree celcius less) This lower temparature is necessuary for spermatogenesis. testis is oval in shape 4-5cm in length and 2-3 cm in width.

In Search for Perfect Daily Journal App

To be considered a viable app for my Daily Journal needs it must have following charateristics. Decent UI Either end to end encrypted if the app is cloud based or data stays locally. Cross platform. Including Linux. Easy way to export for personal backups. Free Because of lack of privacy at my home, I had moved away from physical pen and paper diaries and moved completely to digital. It’s much easier to hide something online than trying to hide at my home.