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Fedora Doesn't Like Me

Posted on June 27, 2022

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After listening lots of good things about fedora, I wanted to give it a try. I was previously using Archcraft, but recently it started to give me few errors. Dolphin won’t start for some reason. Same problem with OBS Studio also. I can live without dolphin, but needed obs studio. I got an workaround and used ffmpeg to record screen, but it wasn’t as good as obs studio. So I decided to distro-hop like any rational person would (I hope). I flashed ventoy on my Samsung Pen Drive and copied the Fedora workstation iso file to the pen drive.Installation process went fairly smoothly, I am going to dual boot fedora and windows alongside, so had to do manual partitioning. After booting up I did a system update and installed all the softwares I needed. Everything is working just fine, as expected. After using it for more than a week a few problems started to appear.

gnome-shell is crashing

The system would become unresponsive from time to time and gnome-shell will crash multiple times while using my laptop. I think it maybe is becuase of some gnome extensions, but I didn’t do much research. My experience wasn’t as smooth as I was expecting.

Laggy video playback in all web browser

It is probably the most annoying of all the problems I have encountered. Videos will get stuck fruquently while playing, it woun’t be stuck for long, but enough to notice it. I tried changing video quality to 720p still didn’t work. I have intel i7 9th gen, so I do not think this has anything to do with my hardware. This problem happens in both firefox and chromium. The lag is present on youtube and also on curiosity stream. This is the two websites that I checked.

Software Availablity

I miss AUR, it is just so good. One command and your apps are installed. Fedora has good collection of softwares, But that one or two niche apps that I use are pain in the ass to install. For example I tried installing VideoDownloadHelper companion app but it won’t install for some reason.

I am too lazy to fix all these errors, so here goes my rant. Archcraft is better distro for me. I miss bspwm. So switched back from fedora to archcraft.


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