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My Experience With Various Password Managers

Posted on November 09, 2021

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Throughout the years i have used many password managers. One of the biggest reasons I started using a password manager is not because of the security but rather I wanted a quick way to type my passwords. Also its easy for me to loose track of the websites I have signed up for. Now you may ask why I didn’t use something like password manager built in most modern web browser? Well the answer to that question is I wanted all my passwords to sync to different browsers.


Before starting I want to clear some things first. This review is based on my overall experience. I have only android devices and windows and linux. Your mileage may vary if you are on different devices.












Website I have used keepass only briefly, I have multiple devices, so I need to access my keepass file everywhere, which is not an easy task to do with keepass. I know that it is achieveable, but it sure is not as straightforward as something like bitwarden or enpass. I tried using KeePassDX with dropbox sync, and it gets conflict so often. So it gets pretty unuseable. I may start using it again once I figure out how to get sync working properly.

Of all the password managers I have used my favourite would be Bitwarden, Enpass is a close second. If closed source stuff does not bother you and you want extra fatures, you can use Enpass or 1Password. I personally would prefer enpass more than 1Password. Currently as of April 2022 I aPeriod.m using Bitwarden. Earlier I was using enpass, only reason I moved away from enpass is beacuse of it’s closed source nature. For something as important as password manager, it should be open source.

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