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Streaming on Spotify vs Using Mp3s

Posted on September 30, 2022

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Disclaimer: here by mp3 I am referring to any playable music file, with any extension.

For most people Spotify is great, or at least it is better than managing your own mp3s like in the old days. But there are few things that I absolutely hate, which made me switch to MP3.

Things that pisses me off about Spotify:

Looking at alternatives:

I needed something that doesn’t have these problems, without losing much convenience. Apple music is a close one, but it has its own set of problems. Android app is very buggy (I spent 30 mins trying to get my account logged in) and feels sluggish all the time. If I’m going to pay for a product I don’t wanna feel like second class citizen. YouTube music is another good option, but I’d love to stay away from Google. Last option is using MP3, I went with that.

Benifits of using mp3:

Disadvantages of mp3:

Although there are some advantages of using mp3, disadvantages definitely outweigh them. Convinience is a major part which makes me want to stream instead of using these mp3s. In future when I get my own Raspberry Pi ( hopefully the future is near ) I’d like to host my own Jellyfin server there for music. It would be my primary way of listening to music. And when I would feel like finding new music I would use Spotify as usual. Other that music discovery there is few other things that keeps me inside spotify. Those are:

In conclusion, spotify is still better for me to listen to music than to use mp3. I’m always trying to find new music and Spotify helps with that a lot. Maybe in future when I grow old and start to think all new music are trash I would definitely move to mp3s.


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