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Website Update #1

Posted on July 22, 2022

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If you have visited my this blog before,(and can remember it) you can clearly see the difference. This blog is now simpler. I like it. Hope you like it too. As I am going to get busy with my life, I hope I would stick with this theme for very long.

How this website is made

I use Hugo for creating this website. Hugo is great. I am loving it. Earlier also I was using Hugo, but that time I didn’t know much about it, so I used a ready made theme for my website. This time the theme is mine. That is why it is so minimal. This theme uses only HTML and little bit of CSS, I would tweak as time goes on. The inspiration came from Luke Smith, in this video he explained things about hugo, which has helped me a lot. So I made this. I knew that I was going to make my own theme someday, beacuse I do not like those available.

After I learn more about creating hugo themes, or actually how to use hugo, I shall also make new theme for my gallery website. It looks good, but it is slow. I would try to make it javascript free. Right now it uses so much javascript which makes it slow. I know that Hugo can compress images so I need to figure those things out before I move my gallery website to custom made theme.


I would definitely love to get some feedback about how to improve my website. You can send me email at regarding this. If you think everything is right, give me few opinions about these -

Thank you.

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